Hello friends!

On Wednesday (December 27th) we will be temporarily off-air for a short period of time for maintenance at the tower site. We’re getting something of an upgrade on our transmission line which basically means our signal will benefit and in turn, so will you! As you probably know, we’re into the Winter season now and weather can make it very difficult to access extremely high mountain tower site elevations so now is the time to get this project done. Please bear with us and we’ll be back with you soon!

There is not a great estimate of when we will be taken off-air to complete this project or how long the project will take. We’re estimating around 9 or 10am we will go off air and possibly be off for 1-2 hours or so. It is very dependent on the weather conditions as it could take longer than expected for the crew to gain access to the tower site and when at the site, gusty wind, snow/rain and other conditions could always interfere and delay completion time.

Please know that Wednesday’s “off-air” is planned and we will be back up shortly after!
Thank you for your dedicated listening to Redrock 92!

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