After the child-abuse trial in 2005, and another one in 2013 after the singer’s death in 2009, Jackson’s family urges the retirement of this old-news.

A decade after the first allegation, tabloids continue to use the scandal of the King of Pop’s alleged child abuse as “sleezy internet click bait,” as described by Jackson’s estate.

Specifically addressing a recent Radar Online article, which can be viewed here, the family’s continued sorrow for this period in Jackson’s life is evident.

Jackson was acquitted by a jury of his peers for the 2005 case, which accused the icon of varying charges of child molestation and providing alcohol to minors, the outcome of which, did little to prevent the event becoming a joke in pop-culture.

The 2013 case, which contained accusation along the same lines, was dismissed by a Los Angeles judge in 2015.

Jackson’s family, including his daughter, Paris, and nephew, Taj, took to Twitter in support of his estate, urging us to “ignore the trash & parasites who make a career trying to slander,” their beloved family member.

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