It’s that time of year again, which means the Junior College Baseball World Series is back to take over the Valley!

If you’re a native to Grand Junction, JUCO is probably a fond childhood memory of sunburns, fireworks, and, of course, the thrills of  junior college baseball. For over 50 years, JUCO has been principal part of the traditional Grand Junction summer experience, an event anticipated annually by all ages.

The JUCO 2016 tournament opens this Memorial Day weekend, May 28th, with scheduled games between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Get your tickets online now, or at the gate for single events at $10.

Also, Grand Valley transit is offering shuttle service for you eco-friendly baseball fans, but if you still can’t make it to any games, you can always watch JUCO online to join in the fun. Get a head start on rooting for your favorite team by checking out the rosters.

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